Our Story



Skincare shouldn't be a something you are forced to do. Instead it must be something you enjoy and a ritual which heals the body and mind. We have always believed in this philosophy and that is the main reason Kimya Glow was Started.

Inspired by Japanese's women, this ancient beauty secret has long been kept and it is time to reintroduce them to the world.


Here is more about our Founder Sabira Mirzaie and how Kimya Glow was found.


I started my skincare journey when I was 14 years old when little pimples appeared on my chin. This made me insecure about who I was and I started noticing all flaws about myself. I specially hated my facial hair. I thought it made me look hairy and less-famine. But when I turned 15 years old, my sister and I had a mind-opening conversation, and I realised, that all of my facial features has been past down from my generational parents and it is a part of who I am. Then instead of hating my acne and facial hair, I decided I would rather come up with a solution and help myself recover through the process. My sister who was an enthusiastic face shaver for 2 years recommended I shave my face every two weeks. She made sure to give me tips and tricks to help me out and supported me through the process. At first, I was very scared my hair would grow back thicker but eventually I realised that was a myth. I started making this a mindful ritual and slowly my confidence grew and I stopped becoming self-conscious of myself. I later made sure that the day I shaved my face, I would do everything that would make me happy and plan future goals while also journaling about my improvements on my mental health. And this is why I didn't want to keep the secret to myself and help out millions of women who also struggle with self-love and confidence. And that is how Kimya Glow was found and our mission is to not only normalise female face shaving but also support women through their skincare journey.