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Kimaya glow

It was amazing😍


Best shavig. Ever

My face is so soft and shiny after shaving. Love. Love. Love.

Kimya Glow Shaving Kit

wow, wow, wow! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and looking bright and radiant - it’s gentle and easy to use. Would highly recommend to anyone!

love this razor

I absolutely love this razor. I have had some very nasty facial razors before that would cut me up and it would leave a scar. But I haven’t had a single cut and it is already my third time ordering it. It gets rid of all the peach fuzz and leaves my skin feeling clean and beautiful. I would highly recommend this to any women out there.

Great results!

I shaved my face today. I didn't get any cuts on my skin. The razor was very skin sensitive, so me getting a cut was a very low chance. It is very easy to use, it doesn’t hurt and after I shaved my skin looked so smooth and glowy. I also loved the aloe vera gel that they give for free. I definitely will use it a lot.


I got the yellow one. It‘s true your hair doesn’t grow back thicker. It is very easy to use. The hand written letter was so cute. Just love it.

Amira Alkhazaali

I got the pink one with both sides at the ends and it’s super nice. I love the hand written message in the package. If you live in the U.S it might take a while for the package to arrive but other than that I can’t wait to use this!!

The products great. I just can’t get into contact with the owner of the business. They never reply to my emails, they don’t allow messages on Instagram and there’s no phone line or help like to get into contact with some in regards to the product. Other than that the product is great

Smooth skin

The blade is sharp yet I have not experienced one cut on my face, my face has never been so smooth and glowy. Honestly love it a lot!


I'm actually really satisfied with condition of a product and gotta say it's worth the price. The blade runs smoothly and doesn't leave any irritation on a skin after shaving!

Shukri Mohamed

Best shaving I have ever had. Beautiful item and done amazing job


I love my razor. I’ve been shaving for a few years now but never found the perfect razor where it wouldn't give me irritation or cuts, until I tried the Kimya razor. My skin is highly sensitive to the other cheap razors that you can find in Kmart so I was always in need of skin-friendly ones. I think this really is worth the money.


you should really try this razor out. I am so happy they launched with the best razor out there in the market.


if I was to be honest, I cannot describe this product in any better ways other than its perfect. The colours are really cute and i am in love with it.

yellow razor

it is honestly one of the best razors out there like I'm shocked at how amazingly it has worked on my skin. I'm in love with this and highly suggest the razor

5 stars

I am in love with this product and 100% recommend to you guys. It is so cheap and useful. The fact that it has 2 heads is making it really special. I LOVE this product and will definitely buy more

Mr shiraz Ahsan
Totally recommend

I love this product. The fact that it has two different razor head for different purposes is very interesting and handy. Again I love this product and 100% recommend to you guys.

yellow razor

I'm in love with this razor. My skin feels so refreshed and nice. I think I have found the glow to my skin.


I highly recommend using this razor. It is definitely worth the money. my skin feels so much smoother now thanks to this razor. If your deciding on whether you should buy this razor, I am here to tell you it is definitely worth it.

So far I LOVE it!!! I was a little worried at first that it might not be worth the money but now I realize I was worried for no reason. My makeup application has been smoother and my skin just looks great. This is so much more than hair removal.

The pink razor

I love this razor. I wish I knew about it before. I am literally obsessed with it. I am going to shave more from now on. The quality of the razor is really good. It is very skin friendly. Looking forward to purchasing more

i love it

I love this razor. I wish I knew about it before I started shaving with other non- friendly razors. This one is very skin friendly and I love it. I got the pink colour and it looks really cute both on picture and real life. The colours are the same. I highly recommend using this razor. I am obsessed. Looking forward to purchasing more.