The Kimya Method

Step 1:


To get your GLOW, you must never miss out on this important step which is to prepare your skin. It may seem complicated but we can assure you it is very easy.

To do this, first cleanse your face with a hydrating cleanser to remove any dirt or makeup. This will help open your pores for shaving. You will also want to make sure your hands are clean of bacteria as well! (no touching your hair or phone once they are clean!) Lastly, make sure your razor is new and clean.


Once you’ve cleansed your face its time to apply your facial oil/aloe Vera gel and get ready to shave. Aloe vera gel preserves moisture and helps the razor glide easier across your skin.

Apply a light layer of aloe vera gel on one side of the face first. Make sure there is enough for the razor to glide gently on your skin and prevent any irritation.


Step 2:


Now that we are done with the most important step, it is time to start shaving.

By now your skin will feel very ready and smooth. Make sure you have your gunk pad nearby. Hold your razor at a 45 degree angle and pull your skin taut with the opposite hand. Start your shave with the wide blade and shave the larger areas of your face.(eg. cheeks and forehead).

Shave slowly in short, steady strokes and in the direction of the hair growth as this will prevent stubble growth and your hair will look the same during the regrowth phase. After a few strokes, clean your blade using a gunk pad. Keep shaving your cheeks and forehead with the wide blade until there is no more hair left.

Once you have finished with the larger areas of the face, it is time to move on to the smaller areas.

Use your petite blade to shave around your eyebrows. This may need some experience and you don't have to do it the first time you shave. After you are done with this section, move onto your upper lip region and around your nostrils. Make sure you have your skin taut when shaving these small areas.

Once you are finished with the petite blade, swap over to the wide blade and shave the other side of your face using the same techniques. Don't forget to clean your blade as you go and make sure to be gentle with your skin. Do not shave over active acne as it will open your skin up to infection and instead shave around it.

We know the whole process may seem very stressful but we promise the result will be worth it. Put some music on and enjoy the ride of your skincare journey. Please do not feel as though you are pressured to shave and do what makes you happy.


Step 3:


We are finally here, the part where you will fall in love with shaving again. First wash your face with water to get rid of any gunk left. Dry your face using a soft towel. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer or facial oil, (preferably alcohol-free) and gently message it onto your skin.


So how are you feeling? Do you like your glow? You may feel as though there is something missing, we understand you and this feeling is completely normal. But don't worry you will get used it and grow to love this feeling.

We encourage you to take lots of selfies and capture your "the picture".


The next time you apply makeup, you will be surprised at how smooth the application is and you will never be faced with cakey makeup ever again.